Targeted Sectors and Key Projects



The Sultanate of Oman’s government adopts several trends in dealing with the labor market, given that these trends are considered as essential requirements to ensure the sustainability of the economic growth in the Sultanate. The labor sector has implemented many initiatives, which were identified within the national efforts to promote economic diversification. The main aim of these initiatives is to enhance planning and training to achieve the balance between the supply and demand in the labor market.

Accordingly, the initiatives of this sector are divided into three main packages:

1. Enhancing laws, policies and regulations. (enabling the demand)
2. Developing and qualifying human resources. (increasing the supply)
3. Bridging the gap between policies, regulations and labor market requirements

1. Develop national labor solution packages for targeted economic diversification sectors 2. The National Centre for Employment 3. Increase private sector employment attractiveness for Omanis by developing requirements, standards and privileges related to the work environment in the private sector Labor and Employment 5. Enhance the capacity of Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) 4. Launch the national leadership development programme to empower Omanis to be able to take middle and upper management positions in the private sector