Targeted Sectors and Key Projects

Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is a driver of growth, innovation and transformation for other sectors. It primarily depends on knowledge and skills, which leads to achieving high income and providing job opportunities for job seekers. Moreover, the development of the ICT sector will cause an increase in the productivity and effectiveness of other sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, health and finance.

ICT sector is growing incredibly fast and this opens the door for utilizing modern technology to serve humans. The Sultanate has great potential that allows it to keep up with these developments, as this sector directly contributes to the welfare of the citizens. Also, the projects of ICT will contribute to the direct and indirect investment which will enhance the national economy.

ICT projects and initiatives supported by ISFU are divided into three main areas: hardware and software, services and enablers. In addition, the fourth industrial revolution and its applications were discussed during the Information and Communication Technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution Lab.

Following are the main ICT projects that are followed up and supported by ISFU:

1-Use and Manufacture of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices 2-Application of Artificial Intelligence in Chest X-rays 3-Digitization of Key Public Services 4-Financial Technology (Fintech) – Accelerating the Transformation of the Sultanate into a Cashless Society 8-Introduce a Special Incentive program to Attract High Value ICT Activities into Oman 7-Apprenticeship and Local Placement Program 6-Establish a Vibrant Cybersecurity Industry 5-Promote Oman as the Region’s Hub for Disaster Recovery Services
Information and Communication Technology