Implementation Support & Follow-up Unit Organizes “ISFU Reception”

Implementation Support & Follow-up Unit Organizes “ISFU Reception”

Date: 28/08/2019

On the 28th of August, ISFU conducted an event that gathered a number of officials and business owners in the fields of education, agriculture and SMEs. H.E Dr. Khamis Al Jabri, chairman of the Unit, attended the event along with a number of their excellences and CEOs in Al Wahat Club in Muscat.

This event shows ISFU’s efforts in strengthening partnership and cooperation with governmental, private and non-governmental sectors as well as entrepreneurs and experts. The reception aims to discuss the challenges that face each of the targeted sectors and identify suggestions for new initiatives and projects with economic returns that contribute in the diversification of national source of income and private sector companies. It also intends to identify new mechanisms and suggestions that help in discovering opportunities in the Sultanate, and work on promoting it as an investment destination to increase the contribution of the sectors in the GDP.

At the beginning of the event, specialists in ISFU touched upon the roles and work mechanisms of the Unit. Then, each sector representatives gathered to discuss the most prominent areas in the sector, identify the challenges and suggest the solutions. These areas were then discussed further and presented to the rest of the audience. Participants also discussed some potential projects and initiatives that might make a fundamental change in the economic performance and contribute effectively in the GDP.

Through such events, ISFU aims at identifying the challenges that face the vital sectors whether they are economic sectors or enabling sectors, discuss them with the relevant parties and engage the private sector, entrepreneurs and experts to put general frameworks that help the relevant entities in adopting initiatives and projects. The Unit also works on building a network with the relevant parties in these sectors through identifying its roles and responsibilities in different sectors.

Participants were divided into 3 groups according to the sector (Education, SMEs, agriculture). Each group discussed the main challenges that face the sector and identified the opportunities provided for investors and entrepreneurs. After the discussion, a representative from each group showcased the main points that were discussed in the group. At the end of the event, participants provided a group of suggestions, which will be analyzed later by the specialists in ISFU.

ISFU is continuing its efforts to conduct labs for all nineteen sectors, which were the outcomes of the Ninth five-year plan (2016-2020).Conducting such labs contributes in the diversification of income sources and provision of job opportunities for Omanis through the initiatives and projects, which resulted from these labs conducted by relevant ministries with the cooperation and partnership of the private sector.